Friday, October 29, 2004

What is like to be a Red Sox fan now that they have won the World Series?

Well it is like losing your virginity. Yup that’s right your virginity.

Remember back when,

You heard about it way before it happened and what everyone else said about how great it would be isn’t even close to how great it is.

You dreamt about it happening a different way each time.

It came close to happening a few times and failure always seemed to be the result.

You never thought it would happen to you just to everyone else.

The expectation seemed to be a curse.

You didn’t believe it was happening even while it was going on.

When it finally happened you were so stunned you could barely talk couldn’t even move.

When it was finally over yelling and screaming just didn’t seem to be enough celebration.

The next day all you thought about is when will it happen again?

Monday, October 25, 2004

I am still amazed at the way we treat women were I work. The three “men” in charge have no clue that the women in our company want more in their life than working here. It seems to me that we go out of our way to piss off the female middle management with “Set Rules” and “Mandatory Schedules” and absolutely arcane statements. We have regularly lost great managers because we say and do stupid things.

This job is a tough job and isn’t for the weak. Long hours, tough scheduling and not much room for advancement, telephone calls at all hours of the day, meetings scheduled on your day off and make it difficult for everyone males and females. If you’re a women with a family or trying to start a family it is a brutal job.

A Supervisor’s in the course of a week told a young female manager in our company that having more children now was wrong and she should wait until she was older. She already has a daughter and her and her husband want more children but when she accidentally slipped that she wanted more kids. This Supervisor made her feel terrible and pushed her over the edge, she turned in her notice today.

A week before this very same female manager was traveling to a seminar with a different Supervisor and a few other mangers. Some how the conversation turned to unwed teen-age mothers. This second Supervisors and one of her peers began to belittle these teenage mothers and they both made statements to the effect that un-wed teenage mothers come from broken homes and are not loved. Their parents were bad parents and didn’t love their kids.

The Supervisor and the other manager both knew that this young female manager sitting in the same car with them was 16 when she gave birth to her daughter. She was not married when she gave birth and was living at home with both of her parents. They continued on repeatedly making the same and similar generalizations about young teenage mothers.

This is not the first time this has occurred in our company. We have little tolerance for mothers that have families. These very same Supervisors arrive at work late 9:00 am or later and rarely work past 4:00 pm. They arrive late from lunch because they have to pick-up their own children from day care, pre-school, etc and leave early Mon-Fri to pick –up kids from school. Bothering the Supervisors on a weekend is a “crime” and according to the Supervisors always is because one of the managers screwed up.