Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What is up with love?

My god the how twisted we get about love and the lack there of. I know Pat Benatar said that "Love is a Battlefield" but what are you gonna do?

When cupids arrow hits it hurts so good but not as much as when the arrow finally gets removed, right! Falling in and out of love over and over probably isn't a good thing but I will go with the feelings I have while I have them. The look, the smile, just the sound of the voice can drive us wild.

When things go bad at the end when that arrow gets yanked out of your heart, that is more painful than any thing I have ever experienced. The loss of love is a killer , a life changing event for some and for others it just isn't that painfully. I don't understand why some can move on so easy and others are crippled when a relationship is over.

Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. Life isn't fair and love hurts. Good love hurts and bad love hurts, but it is so much worth it.

Monday, May 02, 2005

She couldn't say no

Ok this chick from Georgia that ran away before her wedding has got me confused. First of all whats up with all of the pictures of her, BIG EYES is she high or what and the groom to be doesn't look like much of a catch biut I digress.

How come this stressed out lady could not have picked up up the telephone and,

"Hey, hubby to be, Fuck Off I'm not getting married on Saturday, See Ya."

She could have saved everyone a lot of trouble and time. She would not be the new media darling and just think of the idiots in Hollywood that are headed out to Georgia right now to sign her up for a movie deal.