Sunday, April 08, 2007

How ws your Easter ?

I used to live on Leeward Avenue and the parallel street to the south was Ketch Avenue. The major cross street was/is Victoria Avenue and I am truly upset now.

Ketch Avenue is parallel to Leeward and Victoria Avenue crosses and less than ¼ mile from my old residence(s) my favorite restaurant is being built relocated. They actually built a street light and cross walk.

Yolanda’s Mexican Restaurant will soon be within with in walking distance, from 3 separate places that I used to live! Holy Jesus Mother of God, Son of a bitch why did I move?

Oh, yeah, I moved because “SHE” didn’t like the coast of California, she liked the city of Detroit, Michigan.

How much of an idiot /jerk/slacker/ fool must I be for someone to leave the Gold Coast of California for MICHIGAN. The weather here in California is awesome, beautiful, the weather all of you want but we have here in California and today in Detroit it is freaking “SNOWING” not just cold, but snowing. Not Beverly Hills, not Florida or Texas but MICHIGAN. Today on Easter Sunday here in beautiful California it was 75 degrees and clear. How was your weather?

I guess I am the idiot.