Thursday, May 27, 2004

Well here is one for you.

I am the HR Mgr for a 10 unit 500 employees’ restaurant chain. One of my sites called on Tuesday about 9:00am and said they caught a guy eating while working, definitely a no- no for us. The guy is reprimanded, suspended and told to go to the H.R. Office Tuesday at 9:00am. Thursday at 8:00 am he is banging at the door “let me in” I let him in and he starts the Ming. Every other word is F&*^-YOU! I calm him down and start asking questions, “Tell me what happened?”” Where were you working at the time?”

Well, long story short he came in early ate breakfast (which the restaurant paid for,) and then clocked –in and went to work in the kitchen. An hour later the manager notices him chewing, she asks him, “What are you eating?” After swallowing, he looks at the Manager dead in eye and he says


He admits to me that he found a half a bagel on the floor and picked it up and ate it.
He then told me that since he was the best employee we ever had we would never fire him. I then opened his folder to see 2 notes for no call, no shows. A third note for talking on cell phone while sweeping and another for returning 20 minutes late from a 10-minute break. All the notes were from the last 15 days. Yeah, “BEST EMPLOYEE” I say to myself. I show him the statement he signed at Orientation that theft of any kind would result in his termination. He explains that since the bagel was on floor we could not sell it, so it could not be theft and that he had been eating in the kitchen every day since he started. Throw a few MF’s in there and you get his story.

“ I always eat the stuff that hits the floor.”

He leans back in his chair and smiles, “So when do I go back to work?”

I look at him and say,

“Please return at 2:00 pm with your uniform so that I can give you your final check”

“F(*&-You, F$#@ all of you your not firing me you MF’s”

He jumps up heads for the door goes out slams it hard enough that the nearest window that was closed blew open.

All of that before 8:10 am I didn’t even have my coffee.

He returns at 3:00 pm and gets his check, his term document, and his un-employment handbook and asks me for a reference, yep a reference. I told him that employees that are terminated can’t get references from us and then he says,

“How about a personal reference from you”

I tell him, “Sorry, not from me.”

He jumps up and screams“ Well F*&^-YOU, You F%$#ing Asshole!

Once again he slams the door, window opens where I follow him outside to see him peel out in his car make a fast U-Turn and hits a parked car across the street, lots of damage to both cars he is not hurt but is trying to back his car out of the wreckage and the very next car down the street is the police.

Sometimes you just have to wait a little bit for karma.

I‘ve come to learn the hard way the my happiness, my success and most of all my life is dependant solely upon me. Twice I have given myself to others and both times I have been crushed. I know that you can’t get love until you give love and you never really think it’s a gamble to give up yourself to another for love. When it is right you just do it, you sacrifice yourself the relationship, the other person is more important than you are.

Looking back it is easy to see that I did give my self over to the “dark side” I felt alone and incomplete something was missing. Look being alone isn’t that bad it just lonely, I mean who do you complain to when you run out of milk?

It ‘s easy to be alone, you can come and go as you please, you don’t have to answer to anyone, make dinner for someone else clean up another person s mess or answer for your actions. Money / financial decisions are made instantly with out arguing or upset ness.

“What’s for dinner?” the lifelong question of the day is now gone. The endless arguments about dinner in the past now look so foolish, why was what we ate for dinner so freakin’ important? We rarely wanted to cook when we got home from work but we knew someone was going to cook, don’t get me wrong here I love to cook but cooking at the last minute and then cooking a second dish; or having to run to the market for one ingredient at the last minute. That’s the sacrifice you give up the ease of just fixing dinner versus tonight’s menu with the overcooked/ underdone complaints well now dinner is what ever I want, you know eggs and toast or cereal is great dinner sometimes.

Being alone sucks.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

It’s 9:01 pm PST and it’s 12:01 EST

I may not be the best but let be the first

Happy Birthday to you today and forever

I remember birthdays in the past and I smile

I remember birthdays in the past and I think for a while

I remember the sparkle in your eyes and the love in your heart

I remember the touch of your hand and how you made your mark

I thought you were the one and but clearly not

So I look to the future seeking a love from you that is less than I want

Please be happy and know my love is true

And on this day I really think of you

Happy Birthday to you today and forever



Thursday, May 13, 2004

For the first time in my life I have Bronchitis. Most of the members of my family have had it but not me. I never understood what the deal was well now I do. Hell 3 weeks later I am still exhausted. When the dry cough was too much to bear I went to the Doctors. Many prescriptions later I found out I had Bronchitis. The complete exhaustion, the couch potato syndrome is unbearable. I still have no pep, no energy, no drive. On most work days the exhaustion sets in at noon and the rest of the day is a battle to get to 5:00 pm. Exercising seems impossible right now.

I get very irritable when I feel my time being wasted because it is just seems a waste of time while I fight to keep my energy up, while someone else moves at a snail s pace to complete minor tasks.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Dear MLB,

You have got to be kidding, right Spiderman webs put on the on the mound and bases DURING a game. If the Republicans or Democrats wanted to advertise on the bases would you allow it? A catchy donkey or elephant or is it just movies or is it just the movies someone at MLB picks? Can James Bond get “007” put on all the bases if the money was right?

Who exactly decides which company can be put on the bases? If Spiderman can get on, can the “HULK” or “THE X-MEN” get on? What about “FRODO” from Lord of the Rings, how about Ronald McDonald and the Grimace? Can Mickey Mouse be put on the bases or does he have to have a movie coming out? Must it be a cartoon character or could it a literary figure, what if Harry Potter wants on the bases?

Do I have to have a movie coming out or maybe if I was to write a book, could a character or an icon from my book be put on the bases? Will you allow my website address to be put on the bases or maybe I could advertise on just 1 base for a moderate fee. I mean it’s all about the money right?

Please respond to me because as lifelong baseball fan I am curious as to why MLB has decided to do this marketing gimmick that ruins the integrity of the game. Yeah, integrity. If you MLB can allow the field to be altered, can the players wear advertising on their uniforms?

Please list your requirements to advertise on the bases, the fee schedule and what advertises have you turned down? What standards have been set to determine what is or isn’t appropriate?
Who's next? VIAGRA, CIALIS?

How much money would it take for me to put a logo on your bases? Please explain why Spiderman 2 is allowed and what I need to do to get my company’s logo / website on the bases and pitcher mound.

I thought baseball was above this. The current advertising in the stadium’s takes away from the game as it is.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

When will it end .

Women who are abused and return to the guy that abuses them. I know a girl not a friend just a girl, I guess, Jesus leave the guy, freak, (you know what i mean) why do good women stay with bad guys?

god its hot

I live near the beach and its hot
Pray for fog
Red Wings lose , Tigers Lose, Pistons win, what a shame 1 out of 3.

The heat is almost as bad as the Gas and milk prices. I don't drink a lot of milk but $3.19 for a quart of milk. I know buy in bulk and the price goes down but I'm a single guy and buying 2 gallons of milk at once just to get a cheap price when I'll eventually threw away the entire 2nd gallon.

Now Gas prices are a different matter entirely. Where are all those knuckled who said we were going to Iraq for oil? Yeah right!
Gas is out of this world and it's only going up.