Monday, May 22, 2006

What do you know

What do you know?

You think you know everything and then WHAM you get fucked again.  I got a call from the owner of my company at 9:01 am, “Two things for you to do! Call the managers and tell them there is a meeting today at 2:00 pm and you need to be here at 9:30 this morning.” I asked, “Do I need anything? No He replied, be here at 9:30 am.”

I arrived at 9:25 am and walked in to his office and was told I was laid off effective June 30th, 2006. The company was being sold and I was out. I was stunned but not surprised with the news.

Once again in my life someone fucks up and does not do their job and I lose my job. The last time was a union position almost 20 years ago with Northrop Aviation.
This time the owner pissed around, fooled around and failed to make decisions,
(He did not make the wrong decisions, JUST NO FREAKING DECISIONS) and now because of “CASH FLOW PROBLEMS) I lose my job.

Smarter people saw the handwriting on the wall years ago and left, but not me. I am blind as a bat, loyal to the end and I get nothing but 6 weeks notice and a handshake.