Sunday, July 29, 2007


1. Hello Dodger fans attending Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's games. The Dodgers are playing the evil Giants and that idiot Barry Bonds is going for Hank Aarons record. Please don't cheer him if he hits the tying and/or breaking home runs. He is a a freakin GIANT and we hate the Giants, always have and we always will.

2. Hello Dodger Mgm't , we do not celebrate Giant records in our stadium, I repeat we do not celebrate, acknowledge, confirm or recognize Giant records in our stadium. There should be no fireworks, no stoppage of the game, NO FREAKING ACKNOWLEDGEMENT if he tie/breaks the record.

3. LA Dodger pitchers, pay close attention, Al Downing, (a LA Dodger pitcher), gave up the homer to pass Babe Ruth to Hank Aaron, please let another teams pitcher give up Barry Bonds 755 or 756 PLEASE help your city and their fans, because we support you.

4. Angels sweep Tigers, SWEEP!!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007